arkansaw split

by Rose Fiction

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released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Rose Fiction Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas. Synth pop trash.

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Track Name: filter out
i always talk too much when my friends are home
pull the filter out of light blue smokes
show nick a thing or two about self loathing (as if he doesn't already know)
i called you up a few nights ago
i missed your yellow bird hum
i keep wanting it back to the way it was
but it wasn't ever much at all
and i'm not much at all
Track Name: nick gets in a fist fight
wake up at 5:42
wake up again
sound of birds or nick with coffee in his hand
too broke to break the habit
already bought the pack
i wonder if it's really a competition
i wonder who'd win in a fight
i wonder if you're still missing her
i hate how it feels to be in a city so full of people and feel alone
i hear it's hot in LA
i hear it's closing night
i don't think i really miss you
colorado was prettier alone
disposables are a waste of money
that you could spend on your drugs
Track Name: i wear exclusively supreme
every few days we'll go to the same place as always
but the cigarette burn on my fingertip
and your lack of time to deal with my shit
cut it short cut it off completely
you're over it and i don't blame you
a waste of four years
i just wish you'd say good bye
Track Name: parsons
everyone in your saturday night group
probably knows me pretty damn well
such an asshole got a lot of nerve calling you up
i just misread the feeling i guess
done it for the past four years i guess you had nothing left
or maybe i was right and you're just a decent person
cop processional all the way home to parsons
i finally showed you the house i spent every night awake at
i didn't mean for it to be such an awful time
i'll call tomorrow after class, try to make things right
i won't
Track Name: mid(western) life crisis
what do you do when you've done everything you ever planned for?
what are you supposed to tell your family when they ask what your plans are?
"i wanna move to chicago and starve with my best friend,
fall in love with an english major with too big of a head"
how am i supposed to feel inspired when every memory is shit?
what do i aspire to when all i've achieved is regret?
how do i tell mom i'm sad again?
how do i tell dad i'm sick of his shit?
and i know there's so much going on in the world
got everything i could need and a good home
what do you when you don't care about much at all,
except scraping by in some shitty town house in illinois?
Track Name: can i be the bride?
ride my bike to the store
i'm out of gas
used it all up this weekend just to act like an ass
you gotta lot of courage telling me i'm destructive to your relationships
i'll leave it be and i'll just leave fayetteville
i f*cking hate the tunage like you hate everything i say
i'm not doing anything new
just trying to not waste any more time on you
Track Name: elliot k. - saturday
We’re in tune
I feel like it’s saturday with you
I’m in two
Remember when you showed me the smiths in your room
I thought you were cool
You loved the 80s too
Don’t you think the sky looks less blue now that you’re 22

Your dad’s a dick
He locked you in the house for one cigarette
But i snuck in
Staring at the ceiling from your bed
You were in your head
You looked sad when you said
Rock n roll is dead
And i just left

Your car
My hair
Fell out
Who cares
Red lights
Stop signs
No cops
We’re fine
Back in your bed
The stick
Of sweat
Your teeth
My dreams
Got sick
On your jeans
I said
So dumb
And young
Track Name: elliot k. - light trap
The light gets trapped
The sound the cars carry us around
I saw your face on the telephone as you were coming down
Get in the car
Right now
Get in the car
Right now
I felt the heat that bodies share in common space
Sixteen again i felt the fear of death displaced
By dumb hope
Always by
Dumb hope
It was the future hitting me head on
It as my shirt and shoes thrown out on the lawn
It was the only guess i couldn’t guess at all
It was you humming to the moon my favorite song
Don’t stop
Track Name: elliot k. - fast as hell
nutella in bed
waking up with bad breath
taste loneliness on my lips
is it hot? do you like it?
open up on 2010
I surf the net when i’m sad
thought you were gonna come through
I want you here but i won’t bling you
I hate to need
that shit is weak
ain’t that what you told me
Christie’s in a mess
dude spilled beer on her dress
her boyfriend pushed her through a window
someone called the cops i took her home
I took a really long shower
I watched twin peaks for an hour
It felt like i was on fire
tried to watch the sunrise but i was too tired

It felt like getting ripped apart
I remember when we used to watch the ball drop
Were you in new york that year cause i forgot
Come over we’ll watch reruns
I think your house is way more fun
or did they take that show off the air?
It’s been awhile since i cared
Track Name: elliot k. - it ain't fun no more
hey man are you gonna go back to college
and are you still in that same apartment
it sounds like you’re doing well for yourself
at least you make the rent
and you were thinking so loud
i don’t think you noticed all your friends left
my brain is a limping dog
i can’t ever catch up
kody’s writing such cooler shit
why’s it always gotta be a competition
i think i’ll quit all my bands
and move back home
left a note on the refrigerator door
no one even noticed til two days ago
i just wanna be something good
five stars from pitchfork and rolling stone
his use of imagery is so refreshing
i broke the internet my album went gold
three A.M i go to bed i’m staring at a blank sky
the universe is exponential
i wanna die before i hit my stride
bury me with my potential
Track Name: elliot k. - plath
she wants to go down to florida
read plath on the beach
watch me float out in the bright blue ocean
and all the waves are crashing down on me
i’ll come up eventually
and i’ll float on for a while
i’ll come up eventually
or i’ll float on
do you wanna go to the dells instead?
i think the indoor pools are neat (i’m scared of water)
she said she can’t wait to be twenty one
but i like you more when you don’t drink (i don’t wanna drown)
i’ll take a walk so i hate you less
and i’ll come back with some food
i know some things don’t work out
but i know some things do
can you feel the cold come in the room
our atoms never touch when i touch you
will i still feel this when i’m 22
can you feel the universe coming unglued
cause i do
Track Name: elliot k. - marlowe
i don’t mind
i think it’s funny that i laugh when i cry
i don’t mind
you get sick of all the bands that i like
it’s alright
swimming laps inside yr eyes
but i’m still tired
go to bed for a while

i hate your friends
they don’t ever treat you right
hung out last night
they just sat and smoked outside
it’s alright
i kinda like when you don’t try
i want to die
but i also want to keep alive