Funeral Talk, Part I

by Rose Fiction

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released March 8, 2017

Thank you to Nick Abel for mixing, helping with the creative process, and being a friend. Thank you to my family for allowing us to record. Thank you to Bella for being a sweet dog. Thank you for listening.



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Rose Fiction Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas. Synth pop trash.

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Track Name: It Doesn't Stop
I wish you'd take some yourself
It's hard enough watching you fall in love
But it's gonna be okay - I mean
If that's what you're trying to tell me
It Doesn't Stop - Not For Anything
Track Name: Everything
I'm staring at my phone, wishing I had some way to disappear
Inside this shitty SUV parked on this hill
And I'm making shit up about how I'm doing better
The good shit's over with, any more funerals and I'll start digging in

We spent the first of the year yelling about whether I'd be right
Or if my Hope's just not clear
I'll pull off the road while you blow the speakers out
"What do you want me to say," and
"How are things gonna end?"
I tried everything
I've done everything
Track Name: Suburban Ritual
Don't you hate how everything stays the same until it dies?
So why not get a head start, a deal with the devil?
Just to feel something - get away
Don't you love waking up on Christmas morning all alone?
Knowing nothing's gonna save you, only cloud and sky are up above
It's so predictable to count on people's word
But the most famous ones are the ones with the least truth to them
Suburban Ritual! Praise, disobey
Till we pass and get to Heaven's gates
Gotta repent your sins,
Gotta pretend everything's been okay
Or you don't know a single thing
Track Name: Parsons
Everyone in your Saturday Night group probably knows me pretty damn well
Such an asshole, got a lot of nerve calling you up
Just misread the feeling I guess
Done it for the past four years, I guess
you had nothing left
Or maybe I was right, and you're just a decent person
Cop processional all the way home to Parsons
Call you tomorrow after class to try and make things right
I won't
Track Name: Earrings, A Night Alone
I'll convince myself it's the moon making you feel this way
It's not how I say good night, it's not a fault of mine
We could hang out at my house,
We could burn the place to the ground
We could go out to 23
We could get lost in the weeds

I don't like cigarettes anymore
I wanna smell the roses on your bathroom floor
I'm just picking bones out of skeletons I don't own
I'm stealing passages from books I've never read

We took the potholed drive to talk about
Whether the sun's really got a say, and
If we died right now -
Would you say you're feeling alright?
Track Name: Saint Louis
I like the way you say good night
Do you think I'm alright to drive?
My car's all smashed up, so I can't come up next weekend
I'll come up this weekend

You finally heard back - it's always good news
Parsons or Savannah, it's always no issue
I'll see you in Saint Louis
I'll see you soon